Top 10 Advantages of black oxide

#1 - No Significant Dimensional Changes to Part

Since the process simply converts the surface chemically into Magnetite by a chemical reaction, there is virtually no dimensional change to the surface.  No more than 5 to 10 millionths of an inch are added to the dimension of a part, which is comparable to the depth of penetration.  Unlike painted of plated surfaces, this process provides corrosion resistance for critical sized parts.  Is that cool or what?

#2 - Corrosion Resistance

Can provide up to 144 hours of salt spray exposure with the proper post-process rust preventative treatment.

#3 - Lowest Cost

There is no other process that can produce these sort of properties and characteristics for a lower price!

#4 - Decorative Appearance

Depending on the hardness of the part and the black oxide bath temp chosen, deep black glossy to matte finishes can be achieved that are desirable from a variety of industries from architecture to aerospace!  It should also be noted that it will resist color change up to 900'F.

#5 - Improved Lubricity

The post-process treatment with rust preventative creates lubricity for mating parts.

#6 - Anti-Galling

The outer lubricated layer serves as the sacrificial surface during initial contact creating an ideal break-in surface for mating parts while work hardened surfaces are formed.  The black oxide surface has a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs’ Scale.

#7 - No Chipping, Cracking or Flaking of Coating

No hydrogen embrittlement occurs with black oxide...unlike plated and painted parts that are acid etched.

#8 - Pre-Treatment for Paint

Black Oxide is an outstanding prep for surfaces to allow paint and other finishing to adhere better.

#9 - Good Conductivity

Black oxide coating is suitable for electrical parts as they do not reduce conductivity more than 1%.

#10 - Weldable + No Caustic Welding Fumes

Unlike paint and plating, black oxide does not produce harmful fumes when welding.